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Getting Successfully Hired

“I was one of the six students who attended the "How to Win the Perfect Job" course taught by Sarah and Richard. This course was excellent and had a significant and tangible impact on my academic job search.

Just last Friday, I received a formal offer as a Lecturer at one of the top UK Russell Group Universities. This position was my number 1 choice out of 13 schools I had applied to this round. In short, I had a very successful academic job search and this was in a large part due to the help that Sarah and Richard provided.

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How to Win the Perfect Job

Doctoral students are high achievers in the academic field. However, applying and interviewing for a job calls upon new and unfamiliar skills. It is in the longer term interest of institutions to assist their students and post-docs to achieve the best career opportunities, since they will become the leaders of the next generation and advocates of those institutions in the future.

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Influential Networking

Doctoral students need to gain recognition for their research at symposia, conferences and industry events. They need to attract the attention of decision makers and influencers through skillful communication, in order to win funding, citation and collaboration and to build long lasting career opportunities for their future.

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Stockholm Environment Institute

Whilst working with Dr Ruth Butterfield, Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute (Oxford Centre), Sarah McCloughry was asked to work with her team. As scientific researchers, the SEI team needed to develop confidence and ability with new experience in facilitation. They had set up 2 day workshop training events with multiple stakeholders such as fishermen, agriculturalists and government officers in parts of sub-Saharan Africa to win agreement over diminishing water supplies.

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Successful Presentations - Triaster Ltd

Triaster delivers business process management, change management and process re-engineering. In late 2011 we began to develop our Triaster Community, engaging with our customers and anyone interested in business improvement far more frequently than previously. Virtually all Triaster staff, including technical and ‘back office’ staff, became routinely involved in a variety of events.

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What Clients Say…

Just some of the recent testimonials from clients that Anrah Development have helped make a difference

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