Sarah McCloughry

Director of Anrah Development Ltd

Sarah McCloughry is a graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama (having been top candidate in the UK to be awarded an exhibition for outstanding acting at Grade 8A). At Central School, she won a distinction in Verse Speaking and Voice Production. She went on to teach a variety of groups – secondary schools, youth clubs, adults and ex-prisoners. After 11 years, she retrained as a psychotherapist and ran a successful North Oxford consultancy for a further 28 years. To enhance her skills, she acquired coaching qualifications and worked with people at senior level both in industry and in not for profit organisations such as the Committee on Climate Change, Stockholm Environment Institute and Oxfam.

Nowadays she helps women leaders, university research scientists and teams in science and engineering win agreement and buy-in by providing training on influencing skills in presentation and networking, negotiation, at board meetings and at interview.

In partnership with Oxford University, she designs and leads programmes for science and engineering doctoral researchers with expert associates to win influence and stakeholder buy-in.

“My passion is to watch people transform the way they see themselves after learning a new skill. When whole groups of people really connect with their strengths and grow in confidence, they are energetic and inspired. They shine. It’s an honour to be a part of their learning.”

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