Confident Media Performance for Universities

What happens in your university science department when a researcher from the BBC or Channel 4 calls asking for expert comment? 

This is a wonderful PR opportunity to enhance the reputation of your faculty members and your university. This is a golden opportunity to raise the profile of science in the eyes of the public.

When the call comes, do faculty members discover urgent engagements elsewhere? Are they astounded to learn they only have seconds in which to comment? What’s worse, are they inclined to mumble, stutter or go into too much technical detail? Consequently they waste time and lose their audience. So this chance for you to influence the wider community for science is lost.

Anrah Development Ltd helps you to:

  • Understand the interview process
  • Plan the content of a successful interview
  • Craft memorable key messages
  • Develop a relaxed and influential body language, posture and voice
  • Understand and manage your personal brand to affect viewer’s perceptions and assumptions
  • Prepare punchy, media-friendly stories and experiences to illustrate 
  • Get used to performing to camera or microphone

This means you will be able to cultivate a confident persona and develop strong relationships with media decision makers. You’ll learn to deliver an influential performance time and again and become a sought-after expert commentator for science.

We design bespoke packages for university faculties 

Facilitator: Sarah McCloughry and Mike Rowbottom

 For more information email us, phone 01865 910289 or connect with us on Linked In 

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