Leadership Coaching for STEMM leaders 

To occupy senior position in the science, technology and engineering is an achievement. To be a senior woman is remarkable. Growing numbers of women are involved though at the highest level, numbers are still tiny. 

You must be highly talented, skilled, hard working and competent. You assume these will get you to the top. And they don’t. You get bogged down and don’t get traction. You may worry that you aren’t enough of a leader or deficient in some way. This undermines your morale. Consequently your organisation loses out on a talented, credible and effective leader.

Anrah Development Ltd helps women like you to;

  • Recognise and appreciate your own strengths and abilities
  • Gain confidence in your judgement 
  • Adopt a leadership attitude, behaviour and style 
  • Increase your ability to influence your board, staff and externally
  • Make a powerful, positive impact throughout the organisation
  • Develop strong relationships of trust and advocacy with decision makers
  • To win the recognition and support to secure your position as a leader in your industry.

We at Anrah love helping women like you acquire gravitas and impact in predominately masculine surroundings. These boost chances of success in meetings and achieving board level status. We particularly focus on unconscious influencers of body language, voice, language and style since research shows these are the most powerful influencers in the decision making process. We have achieved outstanding results that mean you recognise our value. 

We work either one-to-one, with groups and on teleconference to deliver successful workshops that improve your performance to win board and stakeholder buy-in.

Facilitator: Sarah McCloughry and Gill Kellard

For more information email us, phone 01865 910289 or connect with us on Linked In 

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